The word radical comes from the Latin radix, which means from the root. Today the word radical is commonly associated with revolution.

We believe that gardening has the potential to be revolutionary on a personal, communal and global scale. 

Radical Living participates in this revolution through a three-pronged approach:

This work is only possible because of friends like you. Get involved today!

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Radical Living is an asset-based community organization (501c3) that aims to build community around food, sustainable practices, and green spaces by supporting resident-led efforts to increase healthy food options, educate residents about their role in the food system, and reconnect residents to food, earth, and each other.


Radical Living envisions a sustainable society that lives in harmony with the earth’s ecology and protects the living world on which it depends; a world where the systems of power and domination that threaten and marginalize whole segments of society are dismantled; where black and brown and all children, poor and working poor families, the LGBTQ community, and all immigrants, are valued and strengthened to meaningfully participate in a beloved world community.


Formed in 2015, Radical Living grew out of a Christian cohousing community founded by Vonetta and Jason Storbakken. The community was organized as a church plant under the auspices of the  Mennonite Church USA, a denomination oriented toward peace and social justice, non-violent resistance, and faith formation as key themes of Christian witness.

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To support the CIty of New York’s effort to contain the spread of Covid-19, This season we will again adopt a technology element into our summer youth program to ensure we practice social distancing.

WHO: Youth of all ages (under 8 must be accompanied by a guardian)

WHAT: Learn to garden, cook delicious and nutritious food, and organize for environmental justice!


WHERE: Calvary Fellowship AME, 790 Herkimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11233

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